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Unlock a wide network?By Robin BrownA lot of us think that we have a good home network and so it makes sense to have our home network named appropriately. However, you will soon find that one of your neighbors name their network with something rather inappropriate. We have seen a few networks named, well, bananagram. But we have also seen network names we would not want to see. For instance, I can’t imagine anything more inappropriate than some poor unsuspecting employee’s name. So it just made sense that we would start some fun and games and rename some of the names.We know what you’re thinking; we do not belong in the name game, and you’re right. We started this in our own network’s name and then opened the door to the whole world.At this point there is not even a file share that you can not access in your home network. I did share “being a smart aleck” until one of our customers had a request to share pictures and videos between their various computers using the shared folders. That’s when a problem started to emerge.You are going to love this because it is so simple to use and it does work. It is obvious as to why I want to share this with you. Just remember that this will not stop other people from sharing content on your network.You are going to have to take your best shot at it. I’m going to keep the name short and simplistic. We think it is a name that will keep you happy but keep your job too.Ok, you’re the boss; we will rename the parent name.Naming ConventionThis is a great way to get some humor out of life. With any luck, you will be able to get this issue worked out. We are going to just give you a little bit of guidance on what names you can change if you need to. You might want to start by creating a new sub domain or folder on the network.You can do it using Network and Sharing Center, Create a Network Location; you may also be able to do it by using Fspp option. Either way, there will be a new shared folder/location that you will be able to use.The sub-domain names that I recommend are your last name. So you would pick the name of your network for example we will use 08929e5ed8

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